Exam Preparation to help you to pass your OREA Real Estate Exams.

Worried about passing your Real Estate Course Exams?

I can help!   First session is FREE! During this session I discuss in detail the learning process and pricing.

My tutoring classes for the mandatory Real Estate courses are meant to assist you to pass your exams successfully.  I concentrate on the content that will be on the exam and assist you to focus your studies so that you will be successful with each course.

I have a variety of strategies to assist you to prepare for the exams and my tutoring is one-on-one so that I can accommodate you during the day, evenings and weekends. I also offer Group Tutoring for groups of 1-4 students, call or text to schedule a FREE Consultation to learn more about this option.

I schedule times that are convenient for you.

Sessions are 1-2 hours in length and you can schedule multiple sessions as needed for your comprehensive review of the course that you are taking.

Accommodating you is my mission as I offer personalized one-to-one sessions for the mandatory real estate courses. My study plans will assist you to pass your exam the first time! Don’t take chances with your OREA exams; get tutoring from a licensed Real Estate Sales Representative to help you succeed. Learn one-on-one and experience the difference!

Please note; The Ontario Real Estate Association and/or the OREA Real Estate College has not authorized, approved, endorsed nor supports any products or services offered by me or any materials which may be provided throughout the tutoring.

The courses I tutor for are listed below: